Artist Spotlight: Jeanette Calabaza

  Santo Domingo Pubelo, and, therefore, many of its current artists, are inescapably linked to what is known as “heishi,” the literal meaning of which is “shell” and which specifically refers to pieces of shell which have been drilled and ground into beads and strung into necklaces. It is
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The Jemez Pueblo Harvest Celebration

The Jemez Pueblo feast day celebrating Saint Persingula, the patron saint of the Pueblo, is held every year on August 2nd. While some rituals in most feast day celebrations are very private and secret, Palms’ owner, Guy Berger, has been invited to attend this feast several times as a
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The Apache Burden Basket

Once made for every day use in collecting or gathering wild foods, or to cultivate crops like corn, the Burden Basket of the Apache Tribe is one of the most quickly recognized items pertaining to Native American cultures today. The Apaches, traditionally nomadic hunters and food gatherers, first used
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Our Winner for Our Mother’s Day Jewelry Contest!

You’ve voted, and you’ve told us the story that most touched your heart. Our winner is:   Margaret N.! A “WONDERFUL”mother is easy to describe , because I have one. She is my best friend, she has nurtured me since birth and continues to encourage, love,support, and tease me.;)
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Entry 7 – Rita F.

my mom was very supportive of anything I wanted to learn to do even if it wasn’t a traditional ‘girl’ thing. she was way before her time when it came to women’s
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Entry 5 – Paul N.

A wonderful mother: 1) Is always there for you 2) will defend you in spite of your shortcomings. 3) will always tell you how it is! 3) will pick you up, dust you off and help you until you can get back on your feet. 4) will love you
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Entry 4 – Ilene M.

My Mother worked, had a wholesome, fresh-cooked meal on the table for my sisters and I, and even ironed my Father’s work clothes, but this is nothing compared to how wonderful she really was. I never appreciated the scope of how much my Mother meant to me until she
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