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Native American Artists
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Native American Artists

Personal Relationships with Native American Artists

In the many years that Palms Trading Company owner Guy Berger has been buying and selling handmade Native American Indian art, he has developed relationships with artists and their families that go beyond business. Mr. Berger has been invited to attend ceremonies and rituals at Pueblos that are normally limited to clan members only. (Mr. Berger’s recollections and reflections on these experiences are shared in his book Pueblo and Navajo Contemporary Pottery and Directory of Artists, 1st edition.) Palms Trading Company has helped members of the Pueblo community through the collection of funds for an annual scholarship and other special purposes, like a heart transplant for an artist in need.

Through the relationships we’ve developed, we’ve been able to learn more about each Pueblo’s artistic traditions, the artists’ lives and the special significance of many of the pieces of Native American Indian jewelry and authentic Pueblo pottery.

Our Database of Native American Indian Artists

We are happy to share our knowledge of the Native American Indian artists represented in our online and in-store collection. We have developed a large database with information about each artist including:

  • Name
  • Tribal affiliation
  • Parents
  • Artist’s training
  • Awards and achievements
  • Signature

Knowing the cultural background of the artist often enhances appreciation of the handmade Native American Indian art as it helps you understand the symbols used, the ancient traditions reflected in the craftsmanship and the significance of the piece to the creator and the beholder.

If you have questions about a particular artist or piece, please ask. Contact us or visit our store for an artist’s profile. If you’d like to see a selection of work by a particular artist, a personal shopper can assist you.

Palms Trading Company carries a large selection of handmade Native American Indian art. We are able to guarantee the authenticity of each piece in part because of the personal relationships we have with Pueblo and other Native American artists.

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