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Native American Indian Turquoise Necklaces

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Wrap yourself in the magic of the Southwest with genuine Native American Indian turquoise necklaces. The collection at Palms Trading Company highlights the diversity of Navajo and Pueblo cultures’ artistic traditions and jewelry unique to New Mexico.

Necklaces with Distinctive Southwestern Style

Native American Indian turquoise jewelry has long been a hallmark of a unique Southwestern style, but nowhere is the diversity, the craftsmanship and the beauty more evident than in silver and turquoise necklaces.

Turquoise necklaces provide some of the largest areas for Indian jewelry artists to display their tribe’s or Pueblo’s characteristic style and their own creativity.

Navajo Indian jewelry commonly uses chunky turquoise stones that run the gamut of natural color variations. Some stones are set in simple sterling silver bezels while others provide accents to very intricate overlaid or stamped silver work.

Silver and turquoise necklaces created by Zuni Pueblo artists tend to feature only the pure sky blue Sleeping Beauty stones in their detailed needlepoint and inlay work. Both Navajo and Zuni artists are known for their squash blossom necklaces, the official state necklace of New Mexico.

Native American Indian turquoise necklaces from the Santo Domingo Pueblo are distinctive in their lack of silver. Heishi necklaces are formed of one or more strands of small turquoise beads, and larger shaped and polished turquoise slabs are strung together to create graduated patterns.

Authentic Indian & Native American Turquoise Necklaces

Palms Trading Company buys Indian jewelry directly from the artist, so each turquoise necklace on our website is an authentic and unique work of art. Our artists use the finest materials, so our collection includes sterling silver pieces with genuine gemstones.

Because Native American Indian turquoise necklaces have authentic stones, the color of your pendant or slabs may change over time as they absorb body oils and react to environmental elements. To protect the stones, do not use any solutions to care for your sterling silver jewelry—use a polishing cloth.

Turquoise Jewelry that Fits You

Palms Trading Company has a large selection of silver and turquoise necklaces, some with matching turquoise bracelets and/or earrings. Our online collection is only a fraction of what we carry in our store. If you would like to see more Native American Indian turquoise necklaces, contact us to begin using our personal shopper service.

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