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Native American Men’s Bracelets

The Native American men’s bracelets available at Palms Trading Company are stylish Southwestern accents fit for any wardrobe. These handcrafted silver and gemstone bracelets feature traditional and contemporary designs that are perfect for every occasion. Affordably priced, our selection of authentic men’s bracelets showcases a rich history of Native American craftsmanship and culture.

Renowned Hopi & Santo Domingo Creations

Polished slab stones and minimal silverwork are characteristics of Santo Domingo jewelry. These artists use tufa stone-cast methods, while the Hopi employ the use of overlay silverwork to create jewelry that comes alive in textured designs. ** Heishi refers to ground and polished stones strung into necklaces. It does not have anything to do with bracelets.**

In fact, Hopi artists do not rely on stones as much as other Southwestern Indian jewelry artists do. Instead, they create distinctive pieces through their intricate silver overlay work. One piece of silver is set directly on top of another, the top panel of which is typically cut out, stamped, or etched with various designs. This top overlay panel is polished, allowing it to shine against a darker, oxidized backdrop comprising the second panel. Hopi jewelry features traditional designs with cultural symbols like bear claws, cornstalks, and man in the maze.

Turquoise Navajo & Zuni Bracelets

Palms carries Native American men’s bracelets featuring the region’s prized gemstone: turquoise. The Navajo Nation and Zuni Pueblo are known for the use of turquoise stonework in many of their creations. Navajo jewelry is unique for its use of chunky turquoise in sterling silver bezel settings, giving their bracelets a wide array of natural colors. The Zuni, however, use more intricate designs and silverwork in their jewelry. Inlaid bracelets display a detailed mosaic of gemstones, while their needlepoint silver and turquoise bracelets feature Sleeping Beauty turquoise in beautiful patterns.

Authentic Native American Men’s Bracelets

Silver and turquoise bracelets are among the most popular of Native American men’s jewelry. With vibrant colors and daring designs, these handcrafted items bring a strong, enduring appeal to any man’s style. Visit Palms Trading Company today and browse our wide variety of authentic Native American mens bracelets, belt buckles, bolo ties and more.

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