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Turquoise Rings – Authentic Native American Turquoise Rings

If you don’t feel daring enough to don the latest jewelry trends on your wrist or neck, rings are a more subtle way to explore new fashion horizons. The collection of Native American turquoise rings at Palms Trading Company is sure to have something beautiful and different from anything else inside your jewelry box.

An Artistic Array

All of the Native American Indian turquoise rings on our Website are handmade by Navajo and Zuni jewelry artists, so each is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Within our collection is a demonstration of various silver smithing skills, including hand stamping and overlay, as well as a display of the natural color variations of turquoise stones. You also get a glimpse of each artist’s creativity through the interplay of colors and textures of sterling silver, turquoise and other gemstones.

Wearing Your Art

The Native American turquoise rings at Palms Trading Company only come in one size—whatever size the artist wanted it. A jeweler can resize your ring, however, because stones in turquoise rings are not secured with adhesive, resizing your ring may cause stones to become loose. To ensure the best fit and most secure stone setting, refer to our ring sizing chart.

Caring for Your Art

The stones used in our turquoise rings are genuine and may naturally darken over time as the stones absorb body oils and lotions and react to other environmental elements. To preserve the color and luster of the gemstones, turquoise rings should never be dipped in any solutions—use only a polishing cloth to care for your sterling silver jewelry if it also contains stones.

Guaranteed Authenticity

Palms Trading Company buys Native American turquoise jewelry directly from artists, so we guarantee that our selection of rings is authentic. Our artists create their pieces using high quality materials—authentic turquoise stones and sterling silver ring settings. However, our direct relationship with the artists allows Palms Trading Company to sell quality Native American turquoise rings for fair, low prices.

If you would like to see a larger selection of Native American turquoise rings than that displayed online, please contact us to use our personal shopper service.

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