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Why Use a Personal Shopper?
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Why Use a Personal Shopper?

Palms Trading Company provides unrivaled customer service and a truly enjoyable shopping experience through our personal shopper service.


Palms Trading Company is recognized nationally and internationally for our extensive collection of Native American Indian jewelry, Pueblo Indian pottery, Navajo rugs and baskets and much more! Our online selection is only a small sample of what we carry in our store, and our personal shoppers help you peruse our entire collection without leaving your home!

If you want to see more samples of a particular Pueblo’s pottery styles and designs or you want to know if a similar design for a silver and turquoise necklace also comes in spiny oyster, our personal shoppers can help!

Based on the specifications you provide, our personal shoppers will pull pieces that fit your description and send you photos. If nothing in our store collection meets your specifications, our personal shoppers will keep an eye out for you and contact you when something comes in.

Helpful Information

Our personal shoppers can do much more than go on a scavenger hunt through our store to help you find just what you’re looking for. They can provide valuable information about the piece, the artist and the artist’s tradition.

When you contact us, you are not assigned a personal shopper at random. Rather, your personal shopper is assigned based on the type of Native American Indian art you’re interested in. So, for example, if you need help finding a pottery to fit your Southwestern home décor, your personal shopper will be one of our pottery buyers. We have personal shoppers with expertise in each kind of art we carry:

Once you have been connected with a personal shopper, he or she will help you from start to finish.

Start Now

To start using our personal shopper service, contact us! A personal shopper from the appropriate department will be in touch shortly!

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