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Rare & Collectible Native American Art
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Rare & Collectible Native American Art

All genuine Native American Indian art—hand-coiled pottery, handcrafted jewelry, hand-woven Southwestern rugs, etc.—may be a personal “collectible,” a unique accent in your Southwestern home décor or a souvenir with sentimental value.

However, in the art world, “rare” and “collectible” are special designations for Native American Indian art.

Understanding Collector Terminology

Although specific definitions for “rare” and “collectibles” are difficult to pin down, these designations are typically reserved for pieces that are:

Naturally, rare Native American Indian art collectibles exist in very limited quantities.

Our Collection of Rare Native American Pottery Collectibles

The availability of any rare Native American collectibles—pottery, jewelry or other artwork—is always limited and variable. However, some fine pieces of rare Native American Indian pottery have come through Palms Trading Company including:

  • A red Maria Martinez pot, which deviates from the characteristic black-on-black finish of San Ildefonso Pueblo pottery
  • A pot signed by both Maria Martinez and her daughter-in-law Santana.

There’s no telling when our buyers may come across new rare Native American Indian collectibles. Most come from estate sales or consignment. If you are interested in expanding your personal collection of rare Native American Indian art, our personal shopper can notify you when new collectible items arrive.

Protect Your Assets

Rare Native American Indian art collectibles are truly priceless. The loss of such a piece would be an irreplaceable loss of Southwestern Pueblo history and culture. However, you may protect yourself against financial loss by insuring your collectible pottery and jewelry. Please contact us if you need an informal appraisal by one of our experienced buyers or have lost your original sales receipt.

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