Artist Spotlight: Ida Sahmie

Ida Sahmie, Hopi potterHopi potter Ida Sahmie, born Navajo and married into Hopi, strikes a lovely balance between the two tribes in her pieces, incorporating her Navajo heritage in her Hopi pottery by way of traditional Navajo designs.

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The Tale of the Corn Maiden

Traditional clay corn maiden handmade and hand painted by Judy Lewis A story written by Isleta Pueblo carver Andy Abeita, this piece explores the Tale of the Corn               Maiden, and the importance of both the figure and all she represents in Pueblo Native American   culture.


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Significant Symbols of Southwest Art

Symbols are an integral part of all cultures. Whether we think about symbols tied to religion, literature, poetry, architecture, ethnicity or art, each has a special and important significance. Symbols convey a specific and unique meaning that is of the utmost importance to those communities using them.

The symbols on Pueblo pottery and Native American jewelry have both real and perceived meaning attributed to them. Historical events have contributed to many of the symbols we see today, as have imaginative stories passed on long ago from the ancient ones. We would like to share a brief overview of the meaning of some of the symbols we see integrated into the artwork of today’s Native American artists. Read More

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