Native American Carved Stone Fetishes and Their Meanings

Native American Indians have used stone fetishes throughout recorded history; particularly those of the Southwest.  These stone fetishes represent the spirits of animals or the forces of nature and are most often used in an effort to master the arbitrary and unpredictable forces beyond their control.

Fetishes may be of any form or material.  Regardless of the form or material, however, a fetish has one paramount purpose: to assist man against any real or potential problems, which can be problems of the mind, body or even the universe.

Following is a list of several traditional and common fetishes, and their accompanying meanings.

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Native American Indian Baskets of the Southwest

Native American Indian Art of all kinds often represents so much more than an item of monetary value. In fact, the value of much of the work of the Native Americans of the southwest runs far deeper than that. In her book Indian Baskets of the Southwest, Clara Lee Tanner explains the art of these peoples as “the expression of man’s sense of beauty, a sensitive mirror of his inner self, of his thinking and his doing. In his art, man reveals his history. Among the Indians of the Southwest, whose culture is tribal, art is a formalized expression that combines emotion and intellectuality, technical skills and creative thought; it is guided by the patterns of the tribal culture in which the artist lives. The culture of the tribe is fundamental to the art and style of the artist, and style provides cultural identity as well as time classification.” Read More

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Water Symbolism in Native American Indian Art

Pueblo peoples have inhabited the American Southwest for well over 500 years. Continued life in the arid region depends on water, and the importance of seasonal rains is evident in the traditional designs and patterns that adorn many types of Native American Indian art. Read More

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Services You Didn’t Know We Offered

Palms Trading Company is known throughout the Southwest and by art dealers worldwide for our authentic Native American Indian art. People visit us from far and near to browse our selection of jewelry, pottery, rugs, baskets and more from Pueblo and Navajo artists. But most people don’t know we do more than sell Native American Indian art. Read More

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The Unique Art of Cochiti Pueblo

Every Pueblo in New Mexico has its own rich history, culture and artistic traditions, and Cochiti Pueblo is no exception. Many Cochiti Pueblo members make their living by selling their art, which includes pottery and jewelry like many other Pueblos. However, Cochiti also has art forms that are unique to it that are either admired by other Pueblo artists or have been adopted and added to their own traditions. Read More

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Mata Ortiz Pottery

At Palms Trading Company, we are proud to provide a collection that includes hand-made Native American Indian arts and crafts. However, we also carry another type of hand-made pottery: Mata Ortiz. Read More

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