Horse Hair Pottery

  Legend holds that horsehair pottery was discovered by a pueblo potter whose long hair blew against a piece of pottery she was removing from a hot kiln, stuck, and carbonized. The result was so interesting that she duplicated it with hair from a horse’s

Artist Spotlight: Rebecca Lucario

  As a Native American Art business, we are fortunate to come across talented artists every day.  It’s rare, however, to work with an artist as talented and impressive as Acoma potter Rebecca Lucario.
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Significant Symbols of Southwest Art

Symbols are an integral part of all cultures. Whether we think about symbols tied to religion, literature, poetry, architecture, ethnicity or art, each has a special and important significance. Symbols convey a specific and unique meaning that is of the utmost importance to those communities using them. The symbols
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Services You Didn’t Know We Offered

Palms Trading Company is known throughout the Southwest and by art dealers worldwide for our authentic Native American Indian art. People visit us from far and near to browse our selection of jewelry, pottery, rugs, baskets and more from Pueblo and Navajo artists. But most people don’t know we
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The Unique Art of Cochiti Pueblo

Every Pueblo in New Mexico has its own rich history, culture and artistic traditions, and Cochiti Pueblo is no exception. Many Cochiti Pueblo members make their living by selling their art, which includes pottery and jewelry like many other Pueblos. However, Cochiti also has art forms that are unique
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We’re Here to Help

There is something magical about Pueblo art. Perhaps it’s the uniqueness of it—it’s unlike pottery created by Native American Indian artists anywhere else on the continent. Maybe it’s the diversity of styles and designs even by artists in a relatively close geographical area. Possibly it’s that intangible connection with
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