Water Symbolism in Native American Indian Art

Pueblo peoples have inhabited the American Southwest for well over 500 years. Continued life in the arid region depends on water, and the importance of seasonal rains is evident in the traditional designs and patterns that adorn many types of Native American Indian
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Services You Didn’t Know We Offered

Palms Trading Company is known throughout the Southwest and by art dealers worldwide for our authentic Native American Indian art. People visit us from far and near to browse our selection of jewelry, pottery, rugs, baskets and more from Pueblo and Navajo artists. But most people don’t know we
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Welcome to Palms

Hello, my name is Peter Berger and I am a fourth generation trader from Albuquerque New Mexico. I am the General Manager at Palms Trading Company. Palms has been in my family since 1933 when it began as a grocery store and beer garden. It has since evolved into
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