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Storytellers: Connecting the Past and the Future

Storytellers: Connecting the Past and the Future

Every culture across the world has stories: stories of life and death, birth and rebirth, creation and destruction. Many of these tales are ancient, passed down from generation to generation until a written alphabet was invented, enabling the stories to be written for... Read more

Maria Martinez, the Mother of San Ildefonso Pottery

Creating pottery is an ancient pueblo art. Shards of pottery have been found in the ruins of the dwellings of the Anasazi, thought to be the ancestors of today’s Pueblo Peoples. But pottery as an art form hasn’t always been the same. In fact, the thousand-year-old... Read more

San Ildefonso’s Feast Day

Pueblo feast days are sacred festivals that serve as a time for tribal members to come together to share their rich traditions, language and religion. The pueblos are also opened to the public on feast days as an invitation to view and share in their sacred... Read more

Silversmithing Technique: Sandcasting

The value of Native American Indian jewelry does not just come from the cost of the materials—the silver and the stones—used to make the piece. The value of each piece is also derived from the artistic tradition that inspired the piece and the craftsmanship that... Read more

Holiday Celebrations on the Pueblos

There are many different traditions when it comes to celebrating the holidays, but the holiday celebrations on the Pueblos are unlike any other. Tradition When the Spanish arrived in the 16th century, they began converting the Pueblo peoples to Catholicism. The... Read more