Mata Ortiz Pottery

At Palms Trading Company, we are proud to provide a collection that includes hand-made Native American Indian arts and crafts. However, we also carry another type of hand-made pottery: Mata
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Maria Martinez, the Mother of San Ildefonso Pottery

Creating pottery is an ancient pueblo art. Shards of pottery have been found in the ruins of the dwellings of the Anasazi, thought to be the ancestors of today’s Pueblo Peoples. But pottery as an art form hasn’t always been the same. In fact, the thousand-year-old pottery-making tradition began
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Crafting Pueblo Pottery: The Basics

Crafting pueblo pottery is an art that has adapted to find a within modern times. Yet, today’s pottery crafting methods have changed little from the traditional techniques used by pueblo potters for hundreds of years. In this week’s blog, we share the very basics of crafting pueblo
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Know Your Pueblo Pottery

We sell a large variety of hand-made pueblo pottery from around New Mexico. The size, thickness, design and color of the pottery depends on which pueblo the artist comes from. The following are a few basic points to remember when distinguishing the style of one pueblo from
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Pottery Patterns: Feathers

At Palms Trading Company, we offer unique, hand-made pieces crafted by local Native American Indian artists, potters and silversmiths. Whether simplistic or highly decorative, these pieces are beautiful works of art. In many instances, their intricate patterns are more than just decorative — they are symbolic of a rich
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Featured Artist: Erik Fender

Palms Trading Company is proud to offer the work of many celebrated Native American Indian artists. This month, we’re featuring award-winning San Ildefonso potter Erik Fender! His Life Erik Sunbird Fender (Than Tsidéh) was born in 1970 to an illustrious family of San Ildefonso potters.  At age 10, Erik
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Fair Trade at Palms

October is Fair Trade Month. Fair trade recognizes the hard work and craftsmanship of farmers, artisans and workers by ensuring they are justly compensated for their products. Developing fair trade standards takes a substantial investment of time and money to make sure they benefit producers. As such, fair trade
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