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Artist Spotlight: Anita “Pauline” Romero

Artist Spotlight: Anita “Pauline” Romero

  While we here at Palms treasure each relationship we have with the artists we work with daily, there are some artists, having worked with them over decades, and whom we see often, we feel special bonds with.  Our August Artist Spotlight potter, Anita... Read more
Artist Spotlight: Myron Sarracino

Artist Spotlight: Myron Sarracino

  It is our pleasure to introduce to you one of the most prolific contemporary potters from Laguna Pueblo, our friend, Myron Sarracino.       Born January 8, 1967, Laguna Pueblo potter Myron Sarracino began creating hand-coiled, traditional pottery... Read more

Artist Spotlight: Ronald Chavez

It’s our pleasure to introduce you to our friend, Santo Domingo artist Ronald Chavez, who is best known for his beautiful slab and bead work. Born on April 20, 1958 to Rosalita and Remijio Chavez, Santo Domingo artist Ronald Chavez learned the craft of heishi... Read more