The Unique Art of Cochiti Pueblo

Every Pueblo in New Mexico has its own rich history, culture and artistic traditions, and Cochiti Pueblo is no exception. Many Cochiti Pueblo members make their living by selling their art, which includes pottery and jewelry like many other Pueblos. However, Cochiti also has art forms that are unique
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Technique: Sand Casting

At Palms Trading Company, you’ll find many beautiful examples of hand-made Native American Indian jewelry. Much of that jewelry is sterling silver that is made using one of two techniques: sand casting and tufa casting. Since we covered tufa casting in a blog in February, we’re covering sand casting
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Technique: Tufa Casting

At Palms Trading Company, we have a wide selection of beautiful hand-crafted Native American Indian Jewelry. Some of the sterling silver jewelry we sell is made through the technique of tufa casting, a unique technique used by some Navajo artists to create intricate works of
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Heishi Beading

At Palms Trading Company, we offer beautiful pieces of art from Native American Indian artisans. Many of these pieces of art are hand-crafted using techniques passed down through generations, just like the techniques used to create the heishi beads. Ancient Traditions and Modern Practices Heishi (hee shee) beads were
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