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How To Wear Native American Jewelry | Antique & Contemporary
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How To Wear Native American Jewelry | Antique & Contemporary

Palms Trading Company offers an extensive selection of antique and contemporary authentic Native American jewelry for you to choose from to match your individual style. From Zuni rings to vintage Navajo squash blossom necklaces, our Native American jewelry shop features unique Native jewelry for sale.

Our personal shoppers can help you identify the cultural significance behind each piece of Native American-made jewelry to recommend one that best suits your flair. Let’s explore why you should purchase authentic jewelry and how to choose a piece you’ll adore.

The Timeless Appeal of Native American Jewelry

Native American Indian jewelry has captured the hearts of jewelry enthusiasts worldwide with its rich cultural significance and exquisite artistry. The most meaningful and valuable pieces depend on the jewelry owner’s values. 

Each piece tells a story, reflecting various indigenous communities’ traditions, beliefs, and artistic talents. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of vintage pieces or the innovation of modern designs, Native American jewelry offers something for every style and taste.

Antique and Vintage Native American Jewelry

Antique Native American jewelry carries a unique aura that bridges the past and the present. Each piece holds a distinct history within its intricate patterns and meticulous detailing. From classic squash blossom necklaces adorned with turquoise and silver to vintage Navajo cuff bracelets showcasing mesmerizing semi-precious stones, antique pieces hold stories of generations gone by. 

Vintage pieces typically feature traditional designs and motifs passed down through generations. Elements like intricate stamp work, turquoise stones, coral accents, and complex beadwork are common. They also predominantly utilize locally sourced metals and stones, but it’s also not uncommon to find pieces using materials ancestral artists coveted through bartering.

Our knowledgeable staff at Palms Trading Company can explain to you the deep cultural symbolism and stories specific to the tribes and regions vintage pieces originate from. Our selection of antique jewelry offers an aesthetic experience and a connection to the heritage and traditions that influence Native American artistry today.

Contemporary Native American Jewelry for the Modern Individual

While antique jewelry holds its charm, contemporary Native American jewelry reimagines tradition for the modern world. Today’s artisans draw inspiration from their cultural roots while infusing fresh perspectives and innovative techniques into their creations. 

From sleek silver earrings with minimalist designs to bold statement pieces that harmonize tradition with modern aesthetics, contemporary Native American jewelry celebrates artistic evolution.

Contemporary pieces may incorporate a broader range of gemstones, metals, and non-traditional materials, allowing for greater artistic expression and diversity. 

At Palms Trading Company, our contemporary Native American jewelry is handcrafted by local skilled artisans we’ve partnered with. We curate a collection that showcases the beauty of old Native American heritage while supporting artists in the present. 

While still holding cultural significance, contemporary pieces might explore broader themes and narratives that address modern challenges, personal expressions, and cultural adaptations.

A Guide To Wearing Native Jewelry That Fits Your Style 

When choosing Native American jewelry, consider these factors to ensure your piece complements your style.


Vintage Native American jewelry often features turquoise, coral, silver, and beads. Contemporary pieces may use precious stones like opal and differing metal finishes, such as incorporating brushed silver. 

Choose materials that resonate with your taste and skin tone.


Whether you prefer intricate patterns or clean lines, there’s a design for everyone. Antique pieces often carry traditional motifs, while contemporary designs offer a fusion of old and new. Every tribe also has a unique style. 

Navajo jewelry tends to be bold, with prominent gemstones as centerpieces. Hopi jewelry tends to focus on intricate silverwork and layers in a style called overlay. Zuni jewelry tends to include complex mosaics of stones in either inlay or needlepoint and petit point, while Santo Domingo jewelry is known for its exceptional shell beadwork, called heishi. 

Understanding the typical design techniques used by various tribes can help you narrow your search for the perfect fit.

Cultural Significance

Learn about the symbolism behind different designs and gemstones. This adds depth to your connection with the piece. 

For example, turquoise in Navajo culture carries many significant meanings, such as being linked to protection and health, among other things. By researching beforehand, you’ll end up with a piece that resonates with your values.

Artisan Authenticity

Opt for reputable sources like Palms Trading Company to ensure the authenticity and quality of the jewelry you’re purchasing. Look for the Native American hallmark, which is like the maker’s signature. Typically, it’s the initials of their name, their tribe’s name, or some combination of the two.

We Offer Authentic Native American Jewelry for Sale

Palms Trading Company is the best Native American jewelry store for finding authentic pieces for your collection. Whether you’re captivated by the stories held within antique pieces or inspired by the ingenuity of contemporary designs, Palms Trading Company is a destination where tradition and style converge. 

We can recommend a piece that resonates with your individuality and honors the cultural heritage of Native American craftsmanship.

Now that you know how to wear Native American jewelry, take a look at the different styles we offer to find that perfect piece today!