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Men’s Turquoise Bracelets – Southwestern Turquoise Jewelry

If you want to exhibit Southwestern style, Native American men’s turquoise bracelets are the perfect piece. The spiritual associations and energetic properties of turquoise have led to the use of this semiprecious stone in ceremonial adornment for centuries, and the variety of colors and veined matrixes combined with the imagination of today’s Native American jewelry artists and silversmiths make authentic turquoise and silver bracelets a stunning adornment for any occasion.

An Array of Authentic Native American Turquoise Bracelets

The variety of southwestern turquoise jewelry is unbelievable! Each piece that Palms Trading Company carries is uniquely handcrafted by local artisans, but there are also other factors that add to the stylistic diversity of silver and Native American turquoise bracelets:

Natural turquoise variations. Genuine stones used in Southwestern turquoise jewelry range in color from yellow-green to sky blue. Other chemical deposits within the stone also create a veined appearance (matrix) that adds streaks of colors, most commonly yellows, browns, blacks, and darker shades of blues and greens.

The artist’s Pueblo’s characteristic jewelry style. Sterling silver and turquoise bracelets are most commonly created by Navajo and Zuni Pueblo artists, and both Nations have a very distinct style. (Hopi artists also create bracelets, but they typically do not contain turquoise stones.)

Navajo jewelry features large, chunky turquoise stones set in sterling silver bezels. Authentic Native American Navajo turquoise bracelets showcase a range of colors and highly intricate shank designs.

Zuni jewelry artists may create inlaid bracelets, which create a fine geometric mosaic of turquoise and other gemstones, or needlepoint silver and turquoise bracelets, which incorporate Sleeping Beauty turquoise to create an intricate pattern with uniform sky blue colored stones.

Where the turquoise was mined for use in southwestern jewelry also adds a unique geography and history to each authentic turquoise bracelet.

Care for your Native American Turquoise Jewelry

Some sterling silver care methods are not safe for stones. To ensure your silver and turquoise bracelet’s stones retain their luster and remain fixed in their settings, these pieces should only be cleaned using a silver polishing cloth. Over time, authentic turquoise stones in your bracelet may change color (darken) as they absorb body oils or react to exposure to other elements. This process is natural and enhances the character of your turquoise jewelry.

Because authentic Native American turquoise bracelets do not use glues to secure stones, it is important to find a bracelet that adequately fits your wrist. While some bracelets are adjustable, stretching of the shank can cause stones to loosen or fall out. Refer to our wrist measurement guide to find the right size bracelet.

Authentic Men’s Turquoise Jewelry Bracelets at Palms Trading Company

Palms Trading Company buys each piece of southwestern turquoise jewelry directly from the artist. Every Native American men’s turquoise bracelet on our website is authentic and one-of-a-kind. If you would like to see a larger selection, please contact us to use our personal shopper service.

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