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Zuni Jewelry | Native American Zuni Jewelry
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Zuni Jewelry – Inlaid & Turquoise Native American Jewelry

Every Southwestern Native American nation has its own characteristic jewelry style and techniques. Native American Zuni jewelry is known for its fine and intricate stonework.

Handmade Native American Zuni Jewelry

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Needlepoint and Inlay

Out of the Southwestern jewelry makers, the Zuni are most known for their stone jewelry. Unlike Navajo jewelry, which often uses chunky stones, Zuni stone jewelry uses carefully cut, crafted, and polished stones set in intricate arrangements.

Since the early twentieth century, Zuni artists have cut and shaped turquoise into very small needle-shaped pieces. These pieces are arranged into intricate patterns, often adorning the squash blossom naja and beads. Zuni jewelry artists themselves call this technique needlepoint.

Zuni Native American jewelry makers also favor inlaid stones. Zuni inlay jewelry creates a gemstone mosaic, sometimes creating traditional images like “sunface.” Most inlays separate stones with slivers of sterling silver to create geometric designs.

Renowned Zuni Native American Artists

One of the notable Zuni Native American jewelry artists we have the pleasure of working with is Orlinda Natewa. Orlinda’s jewelry demonstrates a mastery of stone inlay work. Her bracelets display her characteristic sterling silver-edged geometric designs around the band.

Zuni Native American Jewelry at Palms Trading Company

Palms Trading Company guarantees the jewelry we carry is authentic—handmade by Zuni and other Southwestern Native American artists. We buy jewelry directly from the artists. Bypassing a middleman distributor allows us to offer our jewelry to you at low prices—50% below suggested retail.

If you have any questions about our Native American Zuni jewelry collection or want to use our personal shopper service, please contact us.

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