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Native American Indian Bracelets
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Native American Indian Bracelets

Bracelets played a role in Native American Indian ceremonies, but you don’t need a special occasion to adorn your wrist. And Native American Indian bracelets from Palms Trading Company are available in so many styles and designs, there’s one just as unique as you are.

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Authentic Native American Indian Bracelets

Palms Trading Company buys directly from Navajo, Hopi, Santo Domingo and Zuni jewelry artists, so we guarantee the authenticity of every Native American Indian bracelet we carry.

Our collection showcases a wide variety of designs and styles, but no two pieces are alike. However, all bracelets are sterling silver, and all gemstones (with the exception of lab-created opal) are genuine.

Native American Jewelry-Making Techniques & Styles

The bracelets at Palms Trading Company display the various techniques characteristic of each Pueblo’s sterling silver jewelry.

Hopi artists favor silver overlays and traditional symbols and designs.

Navajo jewelry artists use sandcasting to create bracelets, belt buckles and other pieces that have a lot of open loops and scrolls. This technique often lends itself to a brushed silver finish. Navajo artists also have a mastery of silver and stone work, often intricately stamping their pieces or adorning them with various stones.

Santo Domingo artists rely on the tufa cast method, giving their bracelets a textured finish, one that often appears dark, similar to oxidized silver. However, not all Santo Domingo pieces are tufa cast, and many are made with multiple metals, such as those pieces by Joseph Coriz.

Zuni artists adorn their bracelets with a lot of stones, using needlepoint and inlay patterns.

No matter what style, texture or finish you prefer, Palms Trading Company has tips on how to take care of your sterling silver bracelets.

Proper Bracelet Sizing

When purchasing a Native American Indian bracelet, it’s important to know the correct size. While some sterling silver bracelets are adjustable, those with inlaid stones are not. Tightening or loosening the bracelet may cause the stones to become loose or fall out.

The right size bracelet should comfortably fit your wrist—the inner bracelet circumference should be about ½” inch longer than your wrist’s circumference.

To measure your wrist, use a flexible tape measure, string or strip of paper. Wrap the measuring tool around your wrist just above your wrist bone. If you used string or paper, mark where the ends meet, then lay it flat against a flat ruler for the measurement.

Selecting Your Native American Indian Bracelet

The Native American Indian bracelets available online include the measurements (including cuff openings) to help you select the right size. If you don’t find the size or style you want online, our store has even more Native American Indian bracelets to choose from. Our personal shopper can help you find just what you’re looking for. Contact us to get started!

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