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Frequently Asked Questions - Palms Trading Company
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Frequently Asked Questions – Palms Trading Company

The knowledgeable staff at Palms Trading Company is happy to help you find and care for your unique Native American Indian jewelry, Pueblo pottery and other art. But before you head to the store or pick up the phone, you might find some answers to your questions about authentic Native American Indian art here!

Native American Jewelry FAQs

Do you repair jewelry?

Yes, we do repair jewelry. We can do some repairs quickly in-house, but others must be sent out. Please contact us for specific questions about repair work.

What's the best way to clean jewelry?

You can use either a polishing cloth meant for silver jewelry or try an at-home sterling silver care solution consisting of one part water, one part ammonia and about a tablespoon of liquid detergent.

Is this real turquoise?

We strive to provide our customers with the best items and choices possible, so most pieces we carry are real turquoise. (The only manufactured stones we tend to have in stock are items with lab-created opal.) Please keep in mind, however, that stabilized turquoise stones began as natural stones and are merely compressed to maintain the firmness of the stone. If a piece contains man-made gemstones, we clearly indicate to the customer that the item contains manufactured components.

Is this sterling silver?

All jewelry items in our inventory are made with sterling silver. Other metals used include gold fill, 14k gold, and copper.

If these pieces are made of real sterling and turquoise, how are they so inexpensive?

We purchase our items directly from the artists, cutting out the middleman and guaranteeing you the best prices possible.

Native American Pottery FAQs

How do you clean pottery?

The best way to clean pottery is with a feather duster. Never submerge Native American pottery in water or wipe it down with a wet cloth.

How do you tell the difference between handmade and ceramic pottery?

A ceramic pot will have perfect shape and a milky white clay color and is typically smooth on the inside. Authentic handmade Indian pottery will be slightly imperfect, have an off-white to gray clay coloring, and show visible markings on the inside from the artists’ attempts to smooth out the clay (clay will be a more rough finish on the inside). Additionally, sometimes handmade pots have small black dots (like pepper) that are old shards mixed into the new clay to give it temper.

Authenticity and Policy FAQs

Is this Native American Indian made?

New Mexico law requires that any items labeled Native American Indian Handmade be just that. If items in our store or online are not Native American made, they will be labeled as such.

How much is this worth?

If you have American Indian-made items and would like an informal appraisal, please contact Guy Berger for jewelry and pottery pieces.

Do you ship internationally via your website?

While we do ship internationally, there is no way for those residing outside of the United States to place an order directly through the website. If you live abroad, please call us at 1.800.748.1656 to place your order.

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