How to Buy Quality Pueblo Pottery

  **Taken from Palms Trading Company Owner Guy Berger’s book, Pueblo and Navajo Contemporary Pottery and Directory of Artists, Second Edition** Almost every day as we buy Pueblo pottery here at Palms Trading Company, I get asked the question, “How do you determine the value of each piece?”  Well,
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Palms Trading Company’s Pledge: Authenticity

  For over 80 years, Palms Trading Company has been internationally renowned for its selection of genuine Native American Indian jewelry, pottery, rugs and other pieces of art. That’s our continuing pledge to you, our customer — to continue to offer authentic Native American
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Fair Trade at Palms

October is Fair Trade Month. Fair trade recognizes the hard work and craftsmanship of farmers, artisans and workers by ensuring they are justly compensated for their products. Developing fair trade standards takes a substantial investment of time and money to make sure they benefit producers. As such, fair trade
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