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Identifying Authentic Native American Jewelry
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How We Know It’s Authentic: Decoding Native Jewelry at Palms Trading Company

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Palms Trading Company has curated authentic Native American jewelry for over 80 years. We’ve had extensive experience dealing with all kinds of Native American jewelry, from Navajo earrings to Native American bolo ties. Our knowledgeable staff has an eye for sterling silver and turquoise jewelry and can immediately spot fake Native American jewelry that seems too good to be true.

We’re a Native American jewelry shop that cares about the value and quality of the jewelry you receive, so below, we’ve provided a guide to help you understand how to tell if your jewelry is authentic. 

Unraveling the Authenticity of Native American Jewelry

Native American jewelry is an exquisite adornment and a testament to centuries of cultural heritage, craftsmanship, and artistic expression. When seeking out these treasures, ensuring authenticity is crucial to honoring the history and tradition behind each piece. Always opt for genuine handmade pieces and avoid cheap imitations. 

Additionally, fake Native American jewelry, especially mass-produced knockoffs, contains low-quality materials and unrefined techniques, which make it easy for them to break or chip. Authentic Native American jewelry is hand-made by indigenous silversmith artisans using real sterling silver and verifiable stones like turquoise.

The Palms Promise of Authenticity

At Palms Trading Company, we understand that the allure of authentic Indian-made jewelry lies in its history and cultural significance. We adhere to a stringent process to ensure the authenticity of each piece we offer. This involves meticulous research, sourcing from reputable artisans, and complying with regulations like the Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990.

Our commitment to authenticity is reflected in our relationships with Native American artisans. We buy directly from local artists and collaborate with them to help support indigenous communities. We ensure that our jewelry inventory aligns with their traditional techniques, like inlay and stamp methods.

We take pride in curating a stunning and genuine collection, allowing you to embrace the beauty of Native American jewelry without worry. 

Native American Jewelry Identification: Indicators and Hallmarks 

When shopping for Native American Indian jewelry, keep an eye out for these indicators of authenticity.

Hallmarks and Signatures

Many Native American jewelry makers mark their pieces with signatures or hallmarks that indicate the artist’s name, tribe, or origin. Typically, it’s their initials of some kind. Maker’s marks testify to the piece’s authenticity and can provide valuable historical insights.


Authentic Native American jewelry often incorporates materials indigenous to the region, such as turquoise, coral, silver, and shells. These materials are integral to the cultural and artistic heritage of the pieces. While contemporary works might include non-traditional materials, poor craftsmanship and low-quality materials are almost always a sign of fake Native American jewelry.


Traditional handcrafting methods passed down through generations are a hallmark of genuine Native American jewelry. Look for evidence of hand-stamping, beadwork, and intricate silversmithing. Flimsy and messy craftsmanship is often a sign of a rushed job for mass production. Genuine pieces are made with delicate care and handiwork. 

Design Elements

Designs in Native American jewelry are deeply rooted in cultural symbolism. Familiarize yourself with common motifs and symbols associated with different tribes to better recognize authenticity.


Reputable sellers like Palms Trading Company provide historical information detailing each piece’s origin, history, and background. This transparency adds another layer of confidence to your purchase.

Our staff at Palms Trading Company can tell you the story of the heritage and creativity behind each piece. As you explore our collection, you’ll discover the genuine craftsmanship and cultural significance that make Native American jewelry exceptional.

Browse Our Collection of Authentic Native American Jewelry

Palms Trading Company is a trusted source of authentic Native American jewelry. Our team’s expertise in recognizing genuine pieces is built upon years of experience, research, and collaboration with indigenous artists. We take pride in being one of the largest collectors of jewelry that holds true cultural value and reflects the artistic legacy of Native American tribes.

Our commitment to preserving the essence of these treasures guarantees that your purchase is a stunning accessory and a meaningful connection to a vibrant cultural legacy.

Trust our authentic Native American jewelry identification methods, and check out our collections today!