Kachinas Part 3: The Creation of Kachina Dolls

We’ve come to part three in our three-part series on kachina dolls. In the first blog, we talked about the history and spiritual importance of the kachinas. In the second, we looked at the individual kachinas and their spiritual and ceremonial roles. This blog will take a look at
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About Kachinas, Part 2: Names and Purposes

Last month, we featured part 1 of our 3 part blog series on Native American Indian kachinas. There, we detailed the myths, legends and spiritual beliefs behind the kachinas and their doll counterparts. This month, we’re exploring the kachinas you’ll find and their role within the kachina
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About: Kachinas: Part One

At Palms Trading Company, you’ll find many hand-carved kachina dolls from Native American Indian craftsmen from around the Southwest. But kachinas are more than art — they are a part of a rich, spiritual
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Halloween Masks and Kachinas

Halloween has its roots in Celtic culture, where November 1 marked the New Year. On the day before the New Year, October 31, ancient Celts believed that portals opened enabling the dead to take humans to the spirit world. Over time, Romans and Christians influenced the holiday and masks
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