Mata Ortiz Pottery

At Palms Trading Company, we are proud to provide a collection that includes hand-made Native American Indian arts and crafts. However, we also carry another type of hand-made pottery: Mata Ortiz. Read More

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Pueblo Feast Days (Sandia and Ohkay Owingeh)

Two Pueblos hold Feast Days in June: Sandia Pueblo and Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo. June is a great time to take the family to view these sacred days—it’s not yet too hot (you will be standing outside) as it will be in July, August and even September.

In our blog this week, we’re sharing some information on both feast days to help you make your plans. Read More

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Jim Thorpe Native American Games

On June 8th through the 14th, the Jim Thorpe Native American Games will be held in Shawnee, Oklahoma. The games are attended by thousands of athletes who represent Native American Indian nations, tribes and bands from the US who come together for a week of “sports and fellowship”. Read More

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Storytellers: Connecting the Past and the Future

Every culture across the world has stories: stories of life and death, birth and rebirth, creation and destruction. Many of these tales are ancient, passed down from generation to generation until a written alphabet was invented, enabling the stories to be written for future generations to read.

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Our Winner for Our Mother’s Day Jewelry Contest!

You’ve voted, and you’ve told us the story that most touched your heart. Our winner is:


Margaret N.!

A “WONDERFUL”mother is easy to describe , because I have one. She is my best friend, she has nurtured me since birth and continues to encourage, love,support, and tease me.;) We can laugh all the time sharing grand memories or cry together and realize how strong are bond holds. She is a persons who gives her all to help someone, she gives and gives and and asks nothing in return. She understands the blessing of life and teaches her daughters and grandsons the importance of respect, work, and love. This Wonderful women deserves more than I have to offer. I’m proud of her and her accomplishments in life. We love you Mom your the best! We love you too Palms!!!!

Congratulations and Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Palms Trading Company!

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