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Turquoise Rings for Women | Native American Turquoise Rings
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Native American Turquoise Rings

All jewelry is designed to enhance the beauty of the wearer, but rings are special because you can admire the way your own jewelry adorns your hands.
Palms Trading Company has a large selection of affordable Native American Indian rings. The variety of styles and designs at wholesale prices allows you to bejewel many fingers.

Handmade Native American Indian Jewelry

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Unique and Authentic Native American Rings

The Native American rings at Palms Trading Company are authentic. We buy directly from the artist so that we can ensure that each ring has been handmade.

Each ring is a unique piece of art created by a jewelry artist from the Navajo or Hopi tribe or the Santo Domingo or Zuni Pueblo. You won’t find any duplicate piece on or in our store.

A Display of Diversity

The Native American Indian rings at Palms Trading Company display the various silver techniques and characteristic styles of each Native American Indian nation.

Much of the Navajo rings set chunky stones, primarily turquoise and spiny oyster, in simple sterling silver bezels. However, some Navajo pieces are more detailed, making use of oxidized silver and overlay to add depth to their pieces.

Santo Domingo relies on tufa casting, overlay patterns and multiple stones to give the rings texture and incorporate traditional shapes and designs. Zuni rings showcase intricate needlepoint work.

Finding Your Ring Size

Each Native American ring Palms Trading Company carries is unique and only comes in one size. We can measure your ring size in the store, but if you need help determining your ring size for an online purchase, use the following guide:

  • Wrap a small piece of string around your finger so that it fit snuggly (but not uncomfortably)
  • Mark where the ends meet and lay the string flat next to a ruler
  • Use the chart to find your ring size
Size 4 14.8 mm Size 4.5 15.2 mm Size 5 15.6 mm Size 5.5 16.0 mm
Size 6 16.45 mm Size 6.5 16.9 mm Size 7 17.3 mm Size 7.5 17.7 mm
Size 8 18.2 mm Size 8.5 18.6 mm Size 9 19.0 mm Size 9.5 19.4 mm
Size 10 19.8 mm Size 10.5 20.2 mm Size 11 20.6 mm Size 11.4 21.0 mm
Size 12 21.4 mm Size 12.5 21.8 mm Size 13 22.2 mm Size 13.5 22.6 mm

For the most accurate measurement:

  • Have someone help you
  • Measure your ring size when your fingers are warm
  • Make sure the measurement you choose fits over your knuckle
  • Measure each finger separately—don’t assume that the measurement of a finger on your left hand is the same as that for your right hand.

When you find just the right ring, our sterling silver jewelry care tips can help you keep your ring looking like new.

Affordable Native American Rings

Palms Trading Company buys directly from Native American Indian artists, and we pass the savings directly to you. The low prices make our rings the perfect gift! If you need help selecting a stunning yet affordable ring, contact us to begin using our personal shopper service.

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