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Which Turquoise Ring to Wear Based on Your Hand’s Morphology?
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Which Turquoise Ring to Wear Based on Your Hand’s Morphology?

Your hands are one of your body’s greatest attributes. They help express your personality through different gestures, and are both tools as well as ways you communicate with people, meaning that often, your hands are front and center when it comes to human interaction. That’s why choosing the best turquoise rings for women can often be easier said than done. You want to choose something that will be perfect for your hands, both feeling comfortable and looking great.

At Palms Trading Company, we’ve helped many woman choose the best rings for their needs and we wanted to highlight a few tips for you here about selecting rings based on your hand’s morphology.

Those with Small Hands… try to create a good balance, choosing rings that do not protrude further than the joint of your first phalanx. Thin or medium-sized rings will look fantastic on those with small hands.

Those with Thin Fingers…might want to take special care to not overload their fingers with rings. One of the best options for those with thinner fingers is to choose a turquoise set of rings with larger, irregularly-shaped or pear-shaped stones that will accentuate the slender length of your fingers.

Should You Wear Rings on All of Your Fingers?

Nowadays, people have much more freedom when it comes to accessorizing their hands and fingers. Solely wearing an engagement or wedding ring is no longer the norm, which means you’re free to wear as many turquoise rings as you want. Just be sure that you choose to accessorize in a way that won’t hinder your range of movement. Additionally, always remember to take them off before you go to sleep to let your skin breathe.

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