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Artist Spotlight: Myron Sarracino

Artist Spotlight: Myron Sarracino

  It is our pleasure to introduce to you one of the most prolific contemporary potters from Laguna Pueblo, our friend, Myron Sarracino.       Born January 8, 1967, Laguna Pueblo potter Myron Sarracino began creating hand-coiled, traditional pottery... Read more
Artist Spotlight: Bennie Ration

Artist Spotlight: Bennie Ration

Navajo silversmith Bennie Ration, known for his intricate stone and silver kachina and animal jewelry, has a history steeped in tradition and pride.           Bennie Ration, son of John and Francis Ration, was born into the Navajo nation on... Read more
Our Winner for Our Mother’s Day Jewelry Contest!

Our Winner for Our Mother’s Day Jewelry Contest!

You’ve voted, and you’ve told us the story that most touched your heart. Our winner is:   Margaret N.! A “WONDERFUL”mother is easy to describe , because I have one. She is my best friend, she has nurtured me since birth and continues to encourage, love,support,... Read more

Entry 7 – Rita F.

my mom was very supportive of anything I wanted to learn to do even if it wasn’t a traditional ‘girl’ thing. she was way before her time when it came to women’s rights Read more

Entry 5 – Paul N.

A wonderful mother: 1) Is always there for you 2) will defend you in spite of your shortcomings. 3) will always tell you how it is! 3) will pick you up, dust you off and help you until you can get back on your feet. 4) will love you... Read more

Entry 4 – Ilene M.

My Mother worked, had a wholesome, fresh-cooked meal on the table for my sisters and I, and even ironed my Father’s work clothes, but this is nothing compared to how wonderful she really was. I never appreciated the scope of how much my Mother meant to me until... Read more