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Artist Spotlight: Alvina Yepa
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Artist Spotlight: Alvina Yepa

Jemez potter Alvina Yepa

Those who know Pueblo pottery, know the Yepa name is synonymous with well-made Jemez Pueblo pottery, and Alvina Yepa is one of the finest examples of the skill and talent it takes to produce such pieces.  It is both a pleasure and an honor to do business with Alvina, and we are thrilled to introduce her to you.

Alvina Yepa was born into the Sun Clan at Jemez Pueblo on August 4, 1954, to Nick and Felipita Yepa. She learned the art of pottery making from her mother, and has been creating pieces on her own since 1982. She is known for intricately etched, larger-scale jars, which also often incorporate a melon-style swirl, mostly in the recognizable Jemez red.  In 1987, she won Jemez red etched and polished vase by Alvina Yepaboth First Place and Best of Division at the Santa Fe Indian Market, and has enjoyed much public recognition and accolades in her long career.

Each of Alvina’s pieces incorporate both her individualistic and contemporary style, and the combination of sgraffito and melon-swirls, in particular, make for truly breathtaking works of art. Not only is Alvina an accomplished potter, she is also a wonderful human being, and it always brings us so much joy to see her smile light up the room when she comes to visit. The pride she takes in her work is evident in the way she presents and speaks of her process and the finished product, and we consider ourselves exceptionally fortunate to get to see, and work with her, often.