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Types of Authentic Native American Jewelry
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Types of Authentic Native American Jewelry

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Indigenous communities of the United States are known around the world for their unique and beautiful jewelry craftsmanship. However, when it comes to Native American jewelry, many people immediately associate men’s turquoise rings or pendants with the art form and forget to take into account the wide variety and breadth of styles that have emerged from Indigenous communities for centuries. From Native American earrings to pendants, to even bolo ties for men, there are so many incredible types of Native American jewelry styles available for you to explore.

Bracelet Styles

The bracelet or wrist cuff was a common style amongst the Native American tribes of North America and has been worn for both aesthetic purposes and for deeper significance. Amongst the Zuni People, bright colors are paired with inlaid stones or smaller petit point stones set in a blossom pattern. The master silversmiths of the Navajo People also frequently made silver cuffs and bracelets using stones set in the silver and stamped designs on the silver.


Similar to bracelets, Native American earring styles are also widely varied depending upon the tribe that is crafting them. The Navajo People demonstrate their silversmithing prowess through creating intricate pieces showcasing different types of inlaid stones. The Santo Domingo style of earrings often includes tiny beautifully cut stones strung to create a beaded effect.  

Necklaces & Pendants

There are so many different types and styles of Native American necklaces and pendants. If you’re looking for intricate pieces showing off beautiful craftsmanship, then take a look at the Navajo squash blossom necklaces and the fine silver and stone cutting work that they require. For an interesting piece with a fascinating connection to Native American history and culture, try out one of the intricately carved Zuni fetish necklaces and learn the backgrounds of each animal fetish that’s carved and strung along the piece. 

Bolo Ties

The crafting of silver bolo ties was common amongst many southwestern Native American tribes, including the Zuni, Hopi, and Navajo. Bolo ties have become a popular addition to many wardrobes as they have a really creative and interesting vintage feel to them where to buy Phentermine and are a unique link to southwestern culture and history.  

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