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The Story of Famous Handmade Acoma Pottery
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The Story of Famous Handmade Acoma Pottery

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The Acoma pottery tradition is one of rich cultural history and intricate beautiful design work. The history of the Acoma People combined with the unique and exquisitely crafted design elements make Acoma pottery exciting and culturally meaningful pieces to own. If you’re interested in purchasing some authentic Native American pottery, or just want to learn more about some of the specific artistic elements, here are some exciting things for you to know!

  • History of the Acoma People

For over 2,000 years, the Acoma People have stewarded lands located approximately one hour west of Albuquerque New Mexico, located in the Mogollon mountain region. The Acoma Pueblo, also known as ‘sky city’ is situated on one of the oldest continuously inhabited communities in the United States, and the language of this community is a dialect of Kerasin. The Acoma People have a rich artisan culture and are particularly famous for their skills in the crafting of pottery.

  • Pottery Tradition

The pottery techniques of the Acoma People have been in practice since 1150 AD, and the dry climate of the surrounding landscape makes the clay used in pottery crafting– once fired- lightweight and durable. Pottery is prepared by using the coil and scrape method. This means that pottery is shaped from the base up by coiling long rope-like strands of clay, and then smoothing out the coiled surface once the size and shape have been constructed. Like many other types of Native American pottery, vessels were initially created with functionality in mind for eating, drinking, storage, and also for ceremonial purposes. Some of the common types of Acoma pottery often seen are bowls, seed pots, , ollas, and effigy pots.

  • Unique Characteristics

Acoma pottery can often be identified by a few of its unique characteristics. Vessels usually comprise thin walls, have fluted rims, and also often have hand-painted motifs. Animal imagery, particularly of parrots, intricate geometric patterns, and rainbow imagery is applied to pottery by using the brushes made of a yucca plant. Traditional colors are black, white, orange, and other warm tones, and pottery is usually unglazed.

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