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Highlighting Our Renowned Acoma Pueblo Pottery Artists
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Renowned Acoma Pueblo Pottery Artists: Masters of Tradition

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Acoma pottery is some of today’s most well-known pueblo pottery, offering collectors one-of-a-kind pieces that are functional as well as unmatched in beauty and style. Expert craftsmen hand-craft these beautiful pieces to carry on the legacy of their tribe. These talented artists are masters of the art of vintage Acoma pottery, a pottery style that carries a rich narrative and a wealth of cultural significance for the indigenous community.

Palms Trading Company partners with these expert Acoma pottery artists to provide customers with authentic and high-quality Acoma Pueblo art. With over 133 years of combined experience dealing with Native American goods, we’ve developed an eye for the best of the best in Acoma pottery.

Let’s check out some of the renowned Acoma artists we’ve partnered with and their contributions to carrying on the tradition of handmade indigenous pottery.

Notable Acoma Pueblo Pottery Artists

Located west of Albuquerque, the Acoma Pueblo, also known as the “Sky City,” is one of the oldest continuously inhabited indigenous communities in the Southwest. 

The artisans of Acoma Pueblo take great pride in their work, crafting unique pieces steeped in tradition. Acoma pottery stands as a testament to centuries-old practices and ancient history, exemplifying beauty, functionality, and cultural significance.

While the Acoma Pueblo boasts an array of talented artisans, some individuals have made a significant impact on the world of Pueblo pottery. These remarkable artists have contributed to the recognition and reverence Acoma pottery receives from collectors and enthusiasts worldwide.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most notable Acoma Pueblo pottery artists we’ve partnered with here at Palms Trading Company.

Kathy Victorino

Kathy Victorino was born in 1968 and began learning pottery at a very young age. She’s a full-blooded Acoma from the Acoma Pueblo tribe who’s celebrated for her intricate hand-painted pottery using traditional yucca plant brushes. Her pieces often feature delicate fine-line designs and all-natural colors and materials. Her pottery designs feature various traditional patterns and symbols, including geometric flowers, lightning, butterflies, feathers, and star fans, among others.

Loretta Joe

Loretta Joe is known for her distinctive style that combines traditional Acoma designs and motifs with contemporary elements. Her work showcases the evolution of Acoma pottery while paying homage to its roots. Her designs typically feature an orange, white, and black polychrome color scheme and hand-painted Acoma pottery weather symbols on handmade pots.  Loretta, sadly, passed away in 2023.

Paula Estevan

Paula Estevan is an Acoma potter who has been producing pieces since 1986. Her pottery is recognized for its precise geometric patterns that are often repeated across the entire surface of her pieces, creating a “dizzying-to-the-eyes” effect. She plays with black, orange, and brown pottery colors to create intricate designs, adding depth to her pieces. Her pottery is prized for its stunning aesthetics and precision.

Earlene Antonio

Earlene Antonio was born in 1968 and is a master of creating traditional Acoma pottery pieces using ancient techniques and traditional methods. From fluted rims to the thinnest, most delicate walls, she showcases the intricacies of what makes Acoma pottery so special. Well known for her ollas, Antonio’s pottery pieces are characterized by their exceptional hand-coiled construction and striking orange, black, and white hand-painted designs.

Judy Lewis

Judy Lewis was born in 1966 as a full-blooded Acoma. She’s celebrated for her innovative approach to Acoma pottery. Her pottery pieces often feature experimentation with forms, showcasing the artistic diversity within the Acoma community. She hand-shapes her pieces into interesting forms, like horses or corn maidens, while keeping the traditional designs and colors. These Acoma Pueblo artists, along with many others in the Acoma tribe, have played a vital role in preserving and advancing the Pueblo pottery tradition. Their dedication to their craft and commitment to honoring their cultural heritage is reflected in every ancient pottery piece they create.

Explore Acoma Pottery at Palms Trading Company

Palms Trading Company is your gateway to a diverse and extensive collection of Acoma pottery and other brilliant pottery types. We’re committed to sharing the rich history and artistry of Native American communities with our customers.

Our relationships with local artisans ensure you receive authentic, exquisite pottery pieces that carry the legacy of Acoma culture and history. By purchasing from us, you can rest assured that you’re supporting these exceptional potters by helping them keep the art of hand-built pottery alive. 

Explore our wide selection of Acoma pottery made by these real artist masters today!