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In Love: Turquoise Rings
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In Love: Vintage Turquoise Rings

If you’re looking for a beautiful and eye-catching piece of jewelry, there’s no better option than a turquoise ring. A main staple in the Southwestern Pueblo artistic tradition, turquoise rings are highly sought after because of their beauty and craftsmanship. Read on to learn a bit more about the history and different styles of turquoise rings and find out why you should look into adding a turquoise ring to your personal jewelry collection!

History of Turquoise Rings – Dating back to 200 B.C., turquoise stones have played an integral role in Native American religions, ceremonies, art, and trade. The significance of turquoise cemented the stone’s status in the jewelry craftsmanship of many Southwestern Pueblo communities and can be seen in jewelry pieces emerging from the Navajo, Zuni, , and Santo Domingo tribes,. Giving turquoise rings as a present is thought to symbolize blessings of good fortune and prosperity, and the popularity of turquoise rings has continued to this day. 

Different Types of Rings – Each southwestern community that uses turquoise stones in their jewelry making has certain unique styles and techniques associated with the traditional jewelry-making practices of that community. There are a couple of distinct styles to keep in mind if you’re looking for turquoise jewelry.

For example, needlepoint jewelry is a distinct style that has a beautiful and delicate feel where artists group together stones in thin needle shapes to create ring patterns. There is also petit point jewelry in which tiny stones in either rounded, circular, or square shapes are clustered together to form different designs and patterns. These two distinct styles, usually out of Zuni Pueblo, can commonly be found in traditional turquoise rings, along with of course larger individual turquoise stones set into silver bands. 

Caring for your Turquoise – If you’re buying a piece of turquoise jewelry, then chances are you want to make sure you preserve the beauty and integrity of the piece for as long as possible. Make sure when wearing your turquoise jewelry that you keep it away from extreme heat or cold to better preserve the stone. Additionally, make sure you are cleaning your ring with a soft cloth or a cleaner that is specially designed for turquoise cleaning.

This is very important, as harsh chemicals or liquid can damage the stone. Finally, make sure your turquoise is stored separately from any diamond jewelry as diamonds can scratch the softer surface of your turquoise.  

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If you’re looking to add a piece of turquoise jewelry to your collection, then make sure you get in touch with Palms Trading Company. We carry authentic and beautiful turquoise pieces crafted from local artisans and would love to help you find the perfect ring. 

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