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Why Buying Directly From Native Jewelry Artists Matters
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Unveiling the Benefits of Purchasing Native Jewelry Directly From Artisans

Note: Website items are NOT available for in-store viewing, in-store purchase, or layaway. Website items MUST be purchased online, for inventory control purposes. In-store pick up option is available at check out.

Buying authentic Native American jewelry is about preserving traditions, supporting communities, and appreciating the unique stories that each jewelry item holds. However, there are additional benefits you might not realize outside of cultural appreciation.

At Palms Trading Company, we firmly believe in the importance of buying Native American jewelry directly from the artist. A direct sale supports the artisan, the customer, and the business.

Below, we’ve explained how Palms Trading Company is unique and the many reasons why we choose to buy directly from local artisans.

How Our Native American Jewelry Shop Is Different

In the art world, there are usually 3 sales levels. The price paid for the art increases with each sale so that each party can profit. Below are the sales levels: 

  • From the artist to a wholesale dealer
  • From the dealer to a gallery or shop
  • From the shop or gallery to the final buyer

At Palms Trading Company, we do things a little differently. We’re essentially an art dealer and a retail shop in one.

We skip the middleman entirely and buy directly from the artist. Our approach to building an inventory of Native American goods benefits our customers.

Because one level of profit-making is eliminated, our customers save money on the products they purchase from Palms Trading Company.

On average, our prices are 15-20% below other retailers’. For those who can visit our location in Old Town Albuquerque, our prices are 50% below the suggested retail price for jewelry.

Buying directly from the artists also provides other benefits for those who are interested in supporting the culture and heritage of Native American tribes.

How Our Buying Practices Support Artisans

Preserving History and Cultural Traditions

We know many of the artists we buy from personally and are interested in their economic well-being. Buying from them at a fair price allows them to continue their craft and keep their Native American culture and traditions alive.

When you purchase authentic sterling silver and turquoise jewelry from Palms Trading Company, you can be confident that the price we offer artists reflects the fair value for the time and skill that went into crafting the piece.

Native American jewelry is a living art form passed down through generations. Each tribe and artist brings their distinct style, techniques, and symbolism to their creations.

Buying directly from the artist ensures that these beautiful cultures and traditions continue to thrive through their breathtaking jewelry pieces.

Support the preservation of traditional craftsmanship by purchasing our Native American jewelry for sale today. Buying from the artist ensures these skills and ancient techniques are passed down to future generations.

Ensuring Authenticity and Quality

Most of the Native American artists we buy from bring their work to Palms Trading Company themselves. We feature pieces from the Santo Domingo Pueblo, as well as Navajo, Hopi, and Zuni jewelry. This allows us to form cooperative and friendly working relationships with the artists. It also helps us ensure the piece’s authenticity.

We are proud to offer our customers authentic products that are handmade by Native American artists of the Southwest.

Native artists take immense pride in their work, demonstrating their connections to their ancestors through traditional and modern jewelry designs. Since their reputation is often tied to the pieces they create, they will often carve a hallmark onto their work, typically their initials or tribe’s initials.

When you purchase from an established artist, you can trust that you are getting a genuine piece of jewelry featuring high-quality stones and real sterling silver. 

Supporting Indigenous Communities

Many Native American artists rely on their handmade pieces to support themselves and their communities.

Purchasing directly from the artist ensures the pieces you buy contribute to indigenous communities’ economic well-being. This support benefits the entire community by providing income and helping to sustain cultural practices.

Native American jewelry is often a primary source of income for these artists. Your purchase not only helps artists make a living but also strengthens the cultural fabric of their communities.

Explore the Spirit of Native American Jewelry at Palms Trading Company

At Palms Trading Company, we believe in providing you with the largest selection of authentic, quality jewelry bought directly from Native artisans.

Our expertise and buying practices allow us to offer the best prices and stand behind the authenticity of our Native American jewelry collection.

Whether you’re looking for a squash blossom turquoise necklace or a Zuni fetish, you can trust that your unique and beautiful piece is authentic.

If you can’t visit our Albuquerque location or find what you are looking for online, our personal shoppers can assist you in browsing from the comfort of your home.

Check out Palms Trading Company’s exceptional collection of exquisite Native American jewelry today and adorn yourself with the legacy of indigenous craftsmanship!