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Types of Must-Have Jewelry When You Travel | Palms Trading Company
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Types of Must-Have Jewelry When You Travel

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Everyone wants to look their best when they’re traveling, right? If you’re a fan of jewelry, then choosing your favorite pieces to bring along beforehand is a must, which is why Palms Trading Company is here to make your choices a little easier. With the holiday season right around the corner, packing your bags with your favorite pieces of turquoise jewelry can be a great way to wow friends and family members at those social gatherings.

Here, we’ve highlighted some of must-have jewelry pieces for the next time you travel.

  • Turquoise Rings for Women: One of the most beautiful ways to get some attention with your jewelry is to accentuate your hands. When doing so, don’t forget that less is sometimes more, especially when it comes to rings, but never hesitate to express yourself in your own, personal style. Choose one or two of your favorite turquoise accent pieces to really make your hands stand out, or stack rings up to add interest
  • Native American Necklaces: Another wonderful option to bring along while hitting the road is a few of your favorite Native American necklaces. If you’ve chosen to pack some turquoise rings, having a necklace or two to match is a great idea. Brushed sterling silver necklaces can also be quite the conversation starter.
  • Earrings: Earrings can be an accompaniment to your appearance or help you truly stand out, depending on how bold you want to go. Some more subtle pieces to pack along with you might include some sterling silver feather earrings. More vibrant earrings like Navajo amber and sterling silver pieces can truly be a way to wow those dinner guests.

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