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Top 6 Things to Do in Old Town Albuquerque

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If you’re planning a trip to New Mexico, you can’t miss the opportunity to explore Old Town Albuquerque for the full Southwestern experience. Here, we share the top 6 things to do in Old Town to elevate your travel experience.

1. Immerse Yourself in History

Old Town Albuquerque offers an intriguing list of historical sites and museums.

Explore the San Felipe de Neri Church

San Felipe de Neri is an adobe church built in the traditional colonial style. Built in 1793, the church’s classic Spanish overtones merge with 18th and 19th-century architecture, featuring wood paneled wainscoting, a stamped metal ceiling, and a stunning altar set against painted faux marble plaster walls.

Wander through the Old Town Plaza

Old Town Plaza has remained the center of the village since 1706. Hidden patios, peaceful gardens, winding brick paths, and charming wrought iron balconies create a serene scene, while shady adobe benches provide the perfect place to take it all in. 

There are over 150 shops, galleries, and artist studios to explore, with restaurants and cafés serving tempting authentic New Mexican, fusion cuisines, and continental menus, among other delicious options.

Dive into the cultural tapestry of the area’s museums

Old Town’s museums tell the story of New Mexico.

Albuquerque Museum of Art and History

Explore Southwestern art, learn about Albuquerque history, discover traveling exhibitions, and view the lovely sculpture garden.

The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center

Known as the Gateway to the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico, the Center is dedicated to Pueblo culture from ancient times to the present. The Indian Pueblo Cultural Center features a collection of work by Pueblo artists and dining at the Indian Pueblo Kitchen, where you can discover authentic Native American cuisine and the history of Pueblo food traditions.

The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science

Here, you can browse the collections and exhibits featuring the natural and scientific heritage of the state. You can also participate in programs focused on the stewardship of the area’s history and natural environment.

2. Indulge in Authentic Southwestern Cuisine

This is the place to sample traditional New Mexican dishes at local eateries! Whether you’re testing your resolve by eating fiery flavors of authentic green and red chile dishes or setting out on your own culinary adventure, you can explore the many world and fusion cuisines emerging in this historical town.

3. Unearth Native American Art and Crafts

Set out to discover the vibrant art galleries showcasing local talent and learn about the rich culture reflected in the intricate, inspirational artwork that speaks to the distinct history of the area. From traditional Native American pottery to woodwork and jewelry, local galleries, such as our own, Palms Trading Company, as well as Brown Bear Gallery, specialize in handmade art where visitors can learn about authentic Native American arts and crafts. 

Cooperatives such as the Amapola Gallery and Yucca Art Gallery demonstrate historical and environmental influences on emerging young artists, from photography to contemporary paintings.

4. Enjoy the Buzz of Live Music and Performances

You’ll never be short on entertainment when visiting Old Town Albuquerque. The live performances at the Albuquerque Little Theatre have celebrated the tradition of entertainment since 1930, featuring a variety of plays and shows.

Music lovers immerse themselves in the rhythms of local musicians and bands, whether it’s outdoor performances at the Old Town gazebo, bars and taprooms, or one of the many unique local music venues. You’re sure to enjoy toe-tapping tunes and discover new talent to add to your favorite playlist.

As a living museum, the preservation of Old Town makes it easy to find cultural experiences on every corner. The rich Native American history prior to Spanish colonization is maintained by the Pueblo people, providing a glimpse at ancestral traditions, crafts, dances, and ceremonies.

Spanish colonial architecture has also been carefully preserved, centered around the adobe walls and bell tower of San Felipe de Neri.

5. Experience the Thrill of Outdoor Activities

The idyllic weather in New Mexico provides ample opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. From hot air balloon rides overlooking breathtaking views to guided tours exploring the stunning natural surroundings, and self-led adventures exploring nearby parks by cycling or hiking, there’s something for everyone.

If that’s a little too much excitement, a leisurely tour of Old Town via carriage includes knowledgeable guides who delve into the area’s history while pointing out picturesque moments and stunning views.

6. Shop for Unique Treasures and Souvenirs

Souvenirs in the area go beyond simple trinkets found in typical tourist areas. Instead, you’ll find pieces of history and culture that can be worn or displayed in your home as a constant reminder of your unique experience. Palm’s Trading Company offers an impressive collection of Native American turquoise jewelry, pottery, stone fetishes, and Kachina dolls – ideal for gifts or souvenirs of your Southwestern adventure.

If you’d like more information on what to do in Old Town or want to stop by and visit our store, get in touch with us today!