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Three Good Reasons to Buy Native American Jewelry
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Three Reasons to Buy Native American Jewelry

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Whether you’re into eye-catching statement pieces or more subtle and delicate adornments, there is such a wide variety of Native American jewelry to choose from. Apart from the exquisite aesthetics of Native American jewelry, there are many other incredible reasons why purchasing some Native American jewelry is an amazing idea.

From honoring culture and tradition to supporting local artists, check out these three reasons why adding some Native American jewelry to your collection is a great decision. 

  1. Connection to Culture

One of the best reasons to invest in a piece of Native American jewelry is that each authentic piece has its own unique story and is connected to deep cultural meaning and significance. For thousands of years, Native American tribes have used jewelry as both adornments and as a storytelling mechanism. For example, you have beautiful Navajo concho belts depicting different aspects of tribal life, or Zuni needlepoint jewelry delicately cut and set to form images and patterns.

Beading and stones are often grouped in images that represent natural elements like rain, water, clouds, and even animal forms. Native American jewelry is used as a physical representation of deep-rooted culture and spirituality associated with the land and the natural environment, and pieces demonstrate this history through their beautiful design elements.  Stones also often hold various meanings to each of the tribes, and are believed to bring anything from peace to intuition to luck.

  1. Amazing Value

Another hugely beneficial aspect of Native American jewelry is that you can find beautiful and authentic handmade pieces by well-known artists for reasonable prices. Even the authentic pieces which use high-grade sterling silver and stones such as turquoise, coral, and lapis are still reasonably priced, which is astounding considering all of the intricate craftsmanship that goes into making them. Additionally, if the piece is sturdy and well crafted, its value will only increase over time, and vintage Native American jewelry is also a hot commodity. Not only is Native American jewelry a great value right now, but it’s also an amazing investment.

  1. Supporting Indigenous Artists

Finally, purchasing a piece of Native American jewelry is also a fantastic way to support Indigenous artists and communities. Many Native American communities, particularly in the southwest, are known for their jewelry making and craftsmanship, and these artistic productions make up a large portion of many tribal economies. By investing in Native American art, you’re supporting these Indigenous communities economically and ensuring that endeavors that seek to preserve art, culture, and history remain prominent in the community.

When you’re researching where to purchase your next piece of Native American jewelry, make sure it’s from a company that has solid relationships with its artisans and pays them asking prices for their creations.

Shop Authentic Native American Jewelry

At Palms Trading Company, we work closely with local artisans to provide beautiful and authentic pieces to our clients. Whether you’re looking for some jewelry, pottery, or other Native American art, contact us today and let our team help you find the perfect piece for your collection.