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The Power of Gemstones on Your Mood
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The Power of Gemstones on Your Mood

Gemstones are beautiful and have long been said to possess special attributes that can impact both the mind and mood. Whether they’re set in beautiful rings for women or breathtaking earrings, the gemstones we wear on our jewelry can impact the way we feel, either through their spiritual properties or by helping us put our best face forward.

Read on to learn more about the unique properties of different types of gemstones. 


Perhaps one of the most common gemstone seen in Native American jewelry is turquoise. Turquoise jewelry is said to hold properties of health and protection. While they are commonly found in drier climates, turquoise stones have a vivid hue that is often associated with water and its healing properties.

Lapis Lazuli

The deep blue hues of Lapis Lazuli have been recorded throughout history dating back over 6,000 years, and the stone is commonly associated with knowledge and wisdom. The properties of Lapis Lazuli are said to influence one’s search for knowledge as well as positively influence decision making and choices. Not only does the stone aid in the quest for external wisdom, but it’s also said to promote a deeper awareness of the self for those who incorporate it in their attire.


Oynx is said to provide power and strength to whoever wears it, and it can also offer guidance in times of hardship. Oynx is created through millions of years of extreme underground pressure. While it naturally has a somewhat cloudy appearance, when properly polished and shined, onyx can have a very bright shine and shimmer.

Mother of Pearl

Used and coveted for thousands of years in East Asia and Egypt, in Native American culture, this stone is believed to bring prosperity and success. While different colors can represent different things, white is connected to radiance, youth, and innocence.

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