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The Hopi Kachina Cult
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The Hopi Kachina Cult

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The westernmost of the Pueblo Peoples, the Hopi inhabit a region of northeastern Arizona and farm the semiarid land of this area. The challenges the community faces with farming for a livelihood in this climate means that many spiritual beliefs are held by the community associated with weather and supernatural intervention. These beliefs can be seen in Kachinas, or deities, ceremonial masks and dances, and beautiful and intricately carved Kachina dolls.

  • What is the Kachina Cult?

The phrase ‘Kachina cult’ is in reference to 3 specific aspects of the Hopi tradition; Kachina spirits, Kachina masks worn by dancers in spiritual ceremonies which call for the spirits to inhabit the dancer, and finally carved Kachina dolls used as educational tools to teach children about the different types of Kachinas. Together these spiritual beliefs are known as the Kachina cult, and they have been a staple of tradition and spirituality in many of the Pueblo communities for hundreds of years.

  • Kachina and Hopi Spirituality

Kachina spirits of the Hopi People are believed to be supernatural entities that embody the spirits of both living creatures as well as ancestors of the tribe who have passed on and become part of the earth and the environment. While Kachinas are supernatural beings, they are said to have limits on their powers from higher gods, with their primary purpose being preserving harmony, influencing fertility, and controlling the natural elements. As with many different forms of spiritual practice, there is an annual cycle of religious events that involve Kachina dances. During these dances, Hopi men don masks in order to represent different Kachina spirits, and the belief is that these ceremonies imbue the impersonator with supernatural elements as well which allow them to cure disease, grow crops, and bring rain.

  • Kachina Dolls

Hopi People carve Kachina dolls out of cottonwood root and tradiitonally give them to Hopi children between the ages of 1 year to 10 years old. The Kachina dolls are visual representations of the Kachina spirits and show figures with intricately carved masks often indicative of the type of spiritual powers they possess. Some examples might include the inclusion of blows, staffs, yucca whips, or knives in the carving of the kachina dolls. These dolls are used to educate Hopi children about the different Kachina spirits and are a foundational part of spiritual practice for the Hopi community.

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