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Symbolism Used In Native American Jewelry

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Symbolism is very popular in Native American Jewelry, and customers are always curious about various items they see, whether it’s regarding squash blossom necklace symbolism, attributes of certain stones such as turquoise, or the meaning behind traditional Native American designs. You may find one or many symbols on your Native American Jewelry, but what does it mean, and what kind of symbols are typically used?

What Animals are symbolized in Native American Jewelry?

Animals you might see in Native American jewelry include bears, wolves, coyotes, foxes, ravens, snakes, horses, hummingbirds, falcons, crows, butterflies, and turtles. Animals are important both in jewelry and in Native American culture, and represent a range of things, from the turtle symbolizing the earth and longevity, to the raven bringing healing and medicine. Feathers are also a sacred symbol, used by nearly every Native American tribe in ceremonies.

What do Weapons in Native American Jewelry Mean?

Weapons in Native American jewelry mean many things, from a broken arrow symbolizing peace between tribes, to an arrowhead bringing the wearer direction and alertness.

What about Plants and Weather in Native American Jewelry?

Plants, such as maize and cactus, may symbolize a bountiful harvest or protection. Weather symbols, like rain, lightning, the sun or water are also common, sacred to many Native American tribes because of the role the weather plays in the success or failure of crop season. Squash blossom necklaces, featuring yet another harvest staple, are used for protection, the Naja a piece of great importance and reverence to the Navajo in particular. Plants and weather, as well as the elements (fire, wind, earth, and air), are all important in Native American culture and jewelry.

Why Choose Palms Trading Company for Turquoise Necklaces

Turquoise jewelry is often imitated, and it can be difficult to discern if what you are purchasing is genuine. Palms Trading Company, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, only sells authentic Native American jewelry, purchased directly from Native American artists of the Southwest, and has since the 1960s.

We invite you to browse our online inventory of squash blossom necklaces. With Palms Trading Company you can order online, or contact a Personal Shopper to help you find the perfect piece for your collection.