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Hopi/Laguna Ray Jose Deer Kachina Doll
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Hopi/Laguna Ray Jose Deer Kachina Doll

Hopi/Laguna Ray Jose Deer Kachina Doll


Artist: Ray Jose

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Carved by hand by Hopi/Laguna carver Ray Jose, this impressive kachina doll depicts a deer.  The deer stands atop a tall cottonwood base, one foot slightly in front of the other, with both feet adorned in red moccasins.  The deer’s body is intricately carved in brightly painted clothing and a shawl is draped over its shoulders, colors including green, red, turquoise, yellow and black.  The doll holds a rattle in one hand and stick in the other, while a necklace is draped around the deer’s neck painted in turquoise, red, black and white.  The top of the deer’s head features intricately carved horns and feathers, while its detailed face is painted in green, turquoise, black, red and yellow.  In Hopi culture, the deer kachina is said to dance to increase his kind, therefore ensuring abundance.  12 3/4″ tall x 2 7/8″ wide x 3 1/2″ wide.

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