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Native American Carved Stone Fetishes and Their Meanings
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Native American Carved Stone Fetishes and Their Meanings

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Native American Carved Stone Fetishes and Their MeaningsNative American Indians have used stone fetishes throughout recorded history; particularly those of the Southwest.  These stone fetishes represent the spirits of animals or the forces of nature and are most often used in an effort to master the arbitrary and unpredictable forces beyond their control.

Native American Carved Stone Fetishes and Their MeaningsFetishes may be of any form or material.  Regardless of the form or material, however, a fetish has one paramount purpose: to assist man against any real or potential problems, which can be problems of the mind, body or even the universe.

Following is a list of several traditional and common fetishes, and their accompanying meanings.

Armadillo– The keeper of the home; slow and sure

Badger- Aggressive and persistent; a healer

Bat- The guardian of the night

Bear– Represents strength, introspection, healing, and the spiritual journey

Beaver- A hard working builder; attains a sense of achievement

Bobcat- Clairvoyant, knows secrets

Bison- Represents abundance; endurance

Butterfly- A transformer; has the ability to know or change the mind

Cornmaiden– A bringer of life; represents potential

Coyote- A master trickster; humorous, foolish

Crow- The keeper of the sacred law

Deer- Embodies gentleness

Dog- A true friend; represents loyalty

Dolphin- Friendly, trusting and loyal

Duck- Holds the spirits of those who have passed on

Eagle- Represents great integrity and a soaring spirit; a teacher

Elk- Represents pacing and stamina

Fish- A purifier; able to hide emotions

Fox- Master of camouflage and protection

Frog- Bringer of rain, fertility, abundance

Hawk- Messenger of the gods

Horned Toad- Represents self-reliance, longevity

Horse- swift, strong and healing

Hummingbird-A messenger, a stopper of time

Lizard- Agile and good at conversation

Mole- The keeper of the underground

Moose- Headstrong, resolute; has longevity

Mountain Lion-A resourceful leader

Mouse- Represents attention to detail; scrutiny

Otter- Embodies humor curiosity and mischief

Owl- Protector of the home; has true wisdom and sees what others cannot

Parrot- A symbol of the sun (its colorful plumage recalls the rainbow)

Porcupine- Represents faith and trust

Quail-A sacred spirit; ceremonial; holy

Rabbit- Special guardian of women in childbirth; assures long life for children

Raccoon- Embodies shyness and resourcefulness

Ram-Self worth

Raven- The magician, represents change in consciousness

Seal- Family oriented; possesses power in numbers

Skunk- Conspicuous and intense

Snake- Represents life, death, rebirth

Spider-Embodies creative patterns of life

Squirrel- Represents natural intelligence; a saver who protects its reserves

Turkey-Smart, elusive, festive

Turtle- Symbol of Mother Earth and longevity

Wolf- Teacher, pathfinder, protector, hunter