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How to Choose Quality Turquoise Rings for Women
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How to Choose Quality Turquoise Rings for Women

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Turquoise rings are one of the most beautiful and elegant pieces of jewelry that a woman can own. When it comes to choosing an exceptional piece, there are naturally a lot of different things to consider. Whether you want an understated simple piece, or something a bit more complex to really show off the artistry, here are a few things to consider before you make your turquoise ring purchase.

Stone Color and Treatment – When choosing a turquoise ring, there is much to consider regarding the turquoise stone specifically. In terms of color, most turquoise is blue, however, colors can range from pale nearly white to vivid shades of green and yellow. The more unique the color and shade is, the rarer and more one of a kind the ring is, which also usually goes hand in hand with a price increase.

When it comes to stone treatments, most turquoise jewelry has been treated in some way. It’s important to check with the retailer on what treatments the stone has undergone, as vendors are legally obligated to disclose, Be sure you do your research and ask! The most typical treatment on turquoise is, stabilization, which is defined in our industry as the following:

  1. Stabilization- clear epoxy resin is applied to fill the pores of the stone, so it retains its color over time and so that it does not fall apart, as turquoise is a relatively soft stone.

Ring Band – Before purchasing a turquoise ring, it’s important to do some research on the different types of ring bands to ensure you’re making the best choice from all available options for your fingers. There is a vast variety of traditional Native American ring band styles with unique characteristics based on what tribe the artistic style originates from. You could get a sterling silver ring band with a center channel full of inlaid turquoise, ora saddle ring with a rounded setting and intricate silver work. There are so many different styles and types of turquoise rings, so just make sure you do some research and match not just the stone, but the band as well, to whatever style you’re interested in. Be sure to also remember that the wider the band, the tighter the ring will fit.  It’s generally best to size up at least a half size if the ring you choose has a wider band.

Caring for Your Turquoise Ring – Once you’ve purchased your ring, it’s imperative that you take care of it properly. Always protect your turquoise from extreme heat and cold, and don’t keep it on while doing any heavy work where you might forcefully knock the stone on other surfaces- this can set the stage for the stone to become loose or dislodged. Make sure to clean your turquoise with a soft cloth and don’t use commercial jewelry cleaner, as it can damage the soft surface of the turquoise.  It is also inadvisable to submerge your stone in any liquid, including water, or to wash your hands with a ring containing semi-precious stones on your finger. Store it separately from any diamond jewelry, as surface contact on the turquoise from a diamond might cause scratches due to the softer surface of the turquoise.

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