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Everything You Need to Know About Native American Sterling Silver Jewelry
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Everything You Need to Know About Native American Sterling Silver Jewelry

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Native American jewelry can be a welcome addition to any collection, whether you’re just starting out or have been collecting unique jewelry for years. Many of the turquoise and sterling silver pieces available from Palms Trading Company are unique and can’t be found anywhere else.

Here, we wanted to share a bit with you about what makes sterling silver Native American jewelry so special, so read on!

Navajo Pearls

Sterling silver beads often found in Navajo jewelry are also referred to as “Navajo Pearls,” and are generally strung into necklaces or bracelets.. (Navajo pearls are always strung. Pendants are not referred to as Navajo pearls). However, nowadays handmade Navajo pearls are becoming rarer and harder to find, which makes the pieces sold by Palms Trading Company more unique.

Graduated Beads vs. All One Size

When purchasing beaded sterling silver jewelry, one of the things you’ll have to choose between graduated beads versus those that are all one size. Graduated beads usually consist of five differently-sized beads that can add a unique look to your necklace as the beads become larger toward the center. However, beads that are all one size certainly do have their advantages, creating a uniform look that’s sleek and fashionable.

Sterling Silver Bead Shapes

There are different shapes of sterling silver beads that can offer unique and artsy looks to bracelets and necklaces. Some of the most common include traditional round beads, seed beads, which have been squashed to create a seed-like appearance, as well as melon beads that are elongated. Barrel beads are also quite popular and provide a longer, barrellike appearance that goes well with other bead shapes.

Bench-made Beads vs. Handmade Beads

There are two different ways sterling silver beads are manufactured for Native American jewelry; bench-made, which are partially manufactured and handmade, and handmade beads that are 100% artisan crafted. Beads that are entirely handmade are often more precise and offer a heavier gauge than bench-made beads, making them more highly sought after.

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