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Artist Spotlight: Torevia and Delbert Crespin
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Artist Spotlight: Torevia and Delbert Crespin

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Torevia and Delbert Crespin


Working with and getting to know Native American artists is one of the most unique and fulfilling aspects of our business.  Some artists, such as this month’s artist spotlight pair, Torevia and Delbert Crespin, have worked with us from our humblest beginnings as a grocery store, and we are so thankful to have had the opportunity to form a long-lasting friendship with them over the years.

Torevia Crespin was born to Juan and Lucia Calabazas, and learned her craft at her father’s side when she was just a Santo Domingo multi-stone necklace by Torevia Crespinchild.  She and Delbert, her husband, are famous for using many bold colors in large statement necklaces, most of which incorporate the designs Torevia learned from her family. Torevia often uses thunderbirds, as her father did, when creating her multi-colored choker necklaces.

Torevia and Delbert Crespin

Torevia, the youngest in her family, is sister to Pula Calabaza, one of the first at Santo Domingo to begin making the pattern of chokers the family is most known for today.  She and Delbert live at Santo Domingo Pueblo with their family, and have copyrighted many of the family’s designs in their years of creating these gorgeous pieces, due to their high demand.