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Artist Spotlight: Orlinda Natewa
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Artist Spotlight: Orlinda Natewa

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Artist Spotlight: Orlinda Natewa


Known for her fish scale designs in mostly contemporary styles, Zuni silversmith Orlinda Natewa, our featured artist this month, embodies both tradition and talent.


Orlinda Natewa, born February 4, 1944 to Juanita and Lambert Homer, is a Zuni silversmith specializing Artist Spotlight: Orlinda Natewapredominantly in inlay work.  Orlinda learned her craft from her award-winning father, and her recognizable fish scale design flows through most of her work in a generally contemporary manner. She began creating jewelry at a young age, and her first sale, at the age of 16, was a pair of post earrings. Her precise inlay and beautiful designs are instantly recognizable, and walk the beautiful fine line between traditional and contemporary.

Although she grew up on the Zuni Pueblo, Orlinda moved to Albuquerque in the 1980s with her husband, findingZuni lapis and sterling silver inlay dangle earrings by Orlinda Natewa Palms not long after.  Upon her first visit, Palms’ owner, Guy Berger, recognized her work from his trips to Zuni, and an immediate relationship was forged. Orlinda has been doing business with Palms ever since, and we so fortunate to know her, and to carry her work.