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A Brief Guide to Native American Art by Tribe | Palms Trading Company
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A Brief Guide to Native American Art by Tribe

There are many different tribes around North America that fashion Native American Jewelry. As one of today’s leading online sellers of everything from dolls to stone fetishes, Palms Trading Company, wants to highlight some of the tribes that create such breathtaking works of art.

Traditional Navajo Designs

It’s historically proven that some of the earliest pieces of Navajo jewelry were influenced by the Spaniards. But today, Navajo jewelry has a unique style all its own, incorporating methods like sand-cast, using materials such as sterling silver, adorned with beads, myriad stones, and other ornamental styles.

The Zuni People

 Another one of today’s leading art makers is the Zuni Tribe, which has been making handcrafted works of art for nearly 1,000 years. They’re most famous for fashioning unique stone Zuni fetish carvings that often represent animals and the Earth’s most beloved creatures. The Zuni people have a very strong connection to the Earth and each unique fetish piece boasts its very own spiritual significance.

The Hopi People

Another tribe, the Hopi People have a rich history of fashioning everything from coiled baskets and carvings to unique dolls. Their jewelry-making style is distinct because it boasts a rare overlay technique. The Hopi most often fashion their jewelry solely from sterling silver.

Arguably one of their most unique pieces of handicraft is the Hopi Kachina Doll, a type of doll often fashioned from a single piece of the cottonwood tree root. Like stone fetishes, each Kachina Doll boasts a strong connection to the Earth and a spiritual significance that differs from each doll. The Hopi people are also famous worldwide for their turquoise jewelry, which is unique and breathtaking; no two pieces are alike.

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