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Navajo Storyteller Dolls - Native American Storytellers
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Navajo Storyteller Dolls – Native American Storytellers

Like Native American storytellers from the Jemez tribe, Navajo storytellers also display a wide variety of styles.

Genuine Antique Native American Indian Art

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Characteristic Navajo Storyteller Dolls

Like much handmade Native American art by Navajo Indian tribe artists, Navajo storytellers display influences of some Pueblos’ storyteller styles. Some Navajo storytellers, for instance, have large eyes and exaggerated lips like Acoma tribe storytellers. However, Navajo storytellers often lack the definition of other facial features, most notably the nose, similar to storytellers by Cochiti tribe or Isleta tribe artists.

However, Navajo storytellers are the handcrafted Native American storytellers with the most detailed adornment. Navajo female storytellers are typically the only figurines that don the distinctive squash blossom necklace, and some Navajo storytellers are adorned with features, much like Navajo kachinas.

Notable Navajo Storyteller Artists

Cheyenne Jim is, perhaps, most well-known for Navajo storytellers. While the facial features are not very detailed, Jim incorporates other very unique features. Many of his handcrafted storytellers feature traditional Native American Indian dress and intricate patterns created by turquoise dimples and real coins as buttons.

Authentic Native American Storyteller Dolls

Palms Trading Company has been buying and selling handmade Native American Indian art for decades. We have developed relationships with our Native American artists, and because of them, can guarantee that all the Native American storytellers we carry are authentic—handcrafted and unique.

If you would like to see more authentic Native American storytellers, please contact us. Our personal shopper can assist you in viewing our larger in-store selection of handcrafted storytellers from several Indian Pueblos.

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