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Acoma Storytellers
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Acoma Storytellers

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Storyteller figurines are the perfect way to combine a Pueblo’s distinctive pottery style and unique culture arising from their oral traditions.

Characteristics of Acoma Storytellers

Although not originating from the Acoma tribe, storytellers are a significant part of the pottery art created by Acoma artists. Like Acoma Pueblo pottery, this tribe’s storytellers are characteristically made of light clay with a white slip and painted in vibrant colors, mostly black and terra cotta, although bright blues and greens are not uncommon.

Native American Indian storytellers made by Acoma tribe artists are very detailed. The faces of both the storyteller and their listener(s) are quite animated with large eyes and full lips. The clothing of figures in these pieces typically features characteristic geometric designs, and female figures are often wearing Native American Indian necklaces. Acoma storytellers commonly feature pottery and animals as well.

Notable Acoma Storyteller Artists

Handcrafted Native American Indian storyteller dolls are a specialty of two particular Acoma artists: Marilyn Ray and Judy Lewis. The storyteller figurines created by these artists are playful in their inclusion of animals and vivid colors.

Genuine Handcrafted Native American Indian Storytellers

Palms Trading Company has been buying and selling Native American Indian pottery for decades. Our knowledgeable dealers buy directly from and work directly with the artists, so we guarantee each piece we carry, including our selection of storytellers, is authentic—handcrafted by Native American Indian artists.

Our online selection of authentic Native American Indian storytellers is just a small sample of our larger in-store collection. If you would like to see more storytellers from Acoma tribe artists or from other pottery traditions, please contact us to use our personal shopper service.

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