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Authentic Navajo Pottery: Handcrafted Native American Art
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Navajo Pottery

Navajo Pottery for Sale 

The Navajo borrowed largely from neighboring Pueblos, assimilating their cultural practices into the Navajo way of life. From the Pueblo people, the Navajo tribe learned the art of pottery making.

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Navajo Horsehair Pottery

The Navajo tribe is relatively new to the Southwest compared to other Pueblo cultures. The Navajo Nation is descended from peoples originally from the plains of modern-day Canada. These hunters and gatherers settled in the Southwest about 150 years before the Spanish.

More than any other Native American pottery-making tradition, the Navajo tribe is known for horse hair pottery, which was borrowed from the Acoma Pueblo. By placing individual strands of horse hair from the mane or tail onto red-hot pieces, artists create dark veins that may either serve as the sole decoration or as a backdrop for another etched or painted design. A similar process is also used with feathers.

The Navajo are the only pottery makers to use pine pitches for finishes, giving these pieces a dark red or brown hue and glossy sheen resembling mahogany.

The Distinctive Style of Diné Navajo Pottery Designs

For having learned pottery art from neighboring Pueblos, Navajo artists have developed a very distinctive pottery style.

Artists of the Navajo tribe have all but neglected the monochromatic designs so popular in Acoma and Laguna Pueblo pottery. Instead, Navajo pottery employs a varied palette that includes vivid greens and blues that “pop” against natural terra cotta-colored clay.

Many Navajo (Diné) vessels have color bands that wrap around the width of the piece and graduate into new hues along the color spectrum as your eyes move vertically. Within these bands are often etchings of feathers or other geometric patterns.

Figures and symbols commonly depicted on pottery from the Navajo tribe are the kokopelli and Yei, supernatural beings, some of whom are associated with forces of nature.

Renowned Artists of the Navajo Tribe

Although Navajo pottery artists often create intricate and highly decorated pottery, one of the most prominent Navajo artists, Alice Cling, creates very simple yet elegant pieces.

Cling uses the traditional pine pitch and fires her pieces outdoors. The combination of the clay, the temperature, and the ash that falls onto the piece while firing leads to “blushing”—a natural color ranging from rich red to purplish brown to black.

Navajo Clay Pottery: The Essence of Southwestern Style 

As one of the largest Native American nations, the art of the Navajos largely defines the Southwestern style. You can accent your home décor with a Southwestern flare with Native American pottery from Palms Trading Company.

We carry the finest selection of pottery from the Navajo and many other Southwestern Pueblo nations. We buy directly from the artists, so every piece we carry is guaranteed authentic. 

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