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Cochiti Tribe Storytellers
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Cochiti Tribe Storytellers

The Cochiti Pueblo tribe are the original storyteller makers. Specifically, Helen Cordero crafted the first storyteller figurine as a way to commemorate her grandfather who told her stories about her Pueblo as she was growing up.

Cochiti Storyteller Doll Collection

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Characteristics of Cochiti Tribe Storytellers

Although the first storyteller was a man, Cochiti tribe pottery artists today create both male and female storytellers. Coiled from light clay with a gray slip, Cochiti tribe storytellers are often painted with browns, blacks and oranges in traditional dress. Many Cochiti tribe storytellers have a large, almost caricatured nose set high between the eyes, which are often closed. Perhaps more than many other Pueblo storyteller makers, the Cochiti tribe artists create animal storytellers, some with human children as listeners; other with their own young as listeners.

Native American Indian Collectibles

Some Native American Indian storytellers created by Cochiti tribe artists are collectible pieces. Storytellers created by Helen Cordero, who passed in 1994, are particularly valuable rare Native American Indian pottery.

Authentic Native American Indian Storytellers at Palms Trading Company

Although not all Cochiti tribe storytellers are collectible Native American Indian art, all storytellers at Palms Trading Company are authentic, handmade pieces crafted in the Pueblo’s artistic tradition. Our experience buying and selling Native American Indian art and our relationship with the artists allow us to guarantee each piece’s authenticity.

If you have questions about a particular Cochiti tribe storyteller figure or artist, or would like to see our larger in-store collection, please contact us. Our knowledgeable staff and personal shoppers will be happy to help you!

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