Artist Spotlight: Eugene Mitchell

  July’s Artist Spotlight focuses on a Navajo silversmith who has been creating since 1952 and doing business with Palms since 2002.  It is our great pleasure to introduce you to sandcast extraordinaire, Eugene
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Artist Spotlight: Rebecca Lucario

  As a Native American Art business, we are fortunate to come across talented artists every day.  It’s rare, however, to work with an artist as talented and impressive as Acoma potter Rebecca Lucario.
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The Snake Dance of the Hopi Indians

The Snake Dance of the Hopi Indians Excerpts from the book by Earle R. Forrest, followed by a personal comment from Palms Trading Company Owner Guy Berger   In no other part of the world will you witness a religious ceremony during which the participants dance with live rattlesnakes
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Zuni Fetishes: History, Legend, and Purpose

  When it comes to Zuni fetishes, “more than meets the eye” only begins to scratch the surface of all that lies behind these beautiful Native American carvings.  In fact, the stories and history behind fetishes extend far beyond what many view as just a stone carving of an
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How to Buy Quality Pueblo Pottery

  **Taken from Palms Trading Company Owner Guy Berger’s book, Pueblo and Navajo Contemporary Pottery and Directory of Artists, Second Edition** Almost every day as we buy Pueblo pottery here at Palms Trading Company, I get asked the question, “How do you determine the value of each piece?”  Well,
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